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Stereo photography may be of most utility for presenting unfamiliar and/or complex and cluttered images, but the level of enhancement given to easily recognized subjects gives three dimensional portraiture a unique appeal. As stereo photography is the ultimate "recording" genre, and portraits essentially function as records, the two are really made for each other.

Conventional wisdom, anchored in the theory of flat photography, recommends the use of a mild telephoto lens for portraiture. This is to tone down perspective effects which may distort the face in an unflattering fashion. With stereo photography, I disregard this rule for two reasons: 1. the three dimensional image compensates for perspective distortions (i.e the nose looks enlarged, but also appears closer); 2. using a telephoto causes depth compression in the view - the view appears strangely flat. My approach to the medium has always been informed by a passion for three dimensional realism. For portraits I have used twin cameras as well as a single camera to shoot sequentially.

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