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Personal History

I was born in (then West) Berlin in 1962. I came to the USA in 1970, settling in Washington D.C. for the high school years, and finally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

B.A. Astronomy, B.A. Studio Art, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, in 1985. Technical illustrator since 1988: research and conceptual graphics for the scientific community, popular press, and corporate clients. 3d CG art since 1994, and stereoscopic illustration and 3d photography since 1997.

Aside art and family life, I love airships, bicycle road racing, astronomy, and spacey ambient electronic music. I also like the art of M.C. Escher, Frederick Edwin Church, Maxfield Parrish, Alexander Calder, Pal Imre, Jim Burns, Brian Lewis, Edward Weston, Hans Knuchel, Lynn Butler, Larry Ferguson, Stanislaw Lem, Ayn Rand, Edward Tufte, Brian Eno, Vangelis, Diblo Dibala, Frank Sinatra, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Coleman Hawkins, Ligeti, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, and Santana!

Commercial Clients / Publications

P.E.I. magazine, Overdrive magazine, Scientific American magazine, New York Times, Stereo World magazine, American Prospect magazine, Federal Express, Volvo Trucks N.A., Navistar, Mack Trucks, DZS Software, Boxerjam, Cambridge University Press, Psychology Press Ltd, Llewellyn Worldwide, North Atlantic Books, Kendall Hunt Publishers, John Wiley & Sons, Virginia Film Festival, University of Virginia, Meta Research, Global Cellular Solutions, Composite Materials International, Directed Vapor Technologies Inc., among others.

Collections / Galleries

EXPLORA Museum, Frankfurt
Museum of Jurassic Technology, Venice
Museum of Sex, New York City
Art@Large Gallery, New York City
3-D Center, Portland

Exhibitions (Photographic Society of America)

Juried International Stereoscopic Exhibitions

2002 Winner: Stereo Print Image of the year
2001 Winner: Stereo Image of the Year
2000 Winner: Stereo Image of the Year

1997 - 2002:

Exhibitions (Other than PSA)


Boris Starosta, 434-220-4813

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