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Chrissie. is the name of this sculpture by Brian Bishop. Sculpture is a marvelous artistic medium incorporating not only visual and spatial experience, but also the tactile and sometimes sonic forms. Transmitting all of these qualities by way of a photograph is practically impossible - but recording such information density can benefit from stereoscopic methods.

Brian Bishop works primarily with cast concrete. That sounds easy: first Brian and a model work together to select a pose. Based on the pose, an armature is built out of various media (copper tubing, two by fours, etc.) Large scale volumes are roughly defined using chicken wire, polystyrene blocks, or whatever else is handy in the studio. Clay is placed and formed upon the the chicken wire surface. This clay will have the exact form of the final sculpture.

But the work is far from finished. The clay is simply a positive mold for a cast to be made of plaster of paris. This cast is built upon the clay, and broken off and removed in, ideally, large pieces. At this point the clay and armature have served their purpose and are retired. The cast is rebuilt from its various pieces and wired together into a whole unit. Into this is poured concrete, which hardens into the final sculpture.

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